DLS Students Current:Roll On For Focus and Study - 8 ML


Students Current:Roll On For Focus and Study

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Minimum Order Quantity is 1 Pieces

DLS Roll on for Focus and Study is a 100% Chemical free curated handcrafted vegan Roll on having no side effects, no habit forming. It is safe for every one.
Ideal for students and for daily use, DLS Roll on for Focus and Study is the optimal support to use when distractions are high. Designed to create a sense of alertness  and clarity. DLS Roll on for Focus and Study is a natural way to feel more focused. Roll it on both foot sole, and the back of your neck to help bring a sense of clarity to the situation at hand. Embracing the uplifting benefits of Clementine, DLS Roll on For Focus and Study can help with mental energy while promoting a stronger sense of focus. Its unique aroma, made with expensive volatile pure oils extracted from flowers, fruits, and plants helps instill feelings of clarity during times of confusion. To create a supportive and positive environment for enhanced creativity and focus, incorporate DLS Roll on for Focus and Study into your daily learning practice.

To amplify its effectiveness, use of Inhaler for Focus and Study is highly recommended, alongwith this Roll on.

Caution: It may react to sensitive or very sensitive skin, so carry patch test, before use.

If any kind of reaction takes place during patch test, don't use it and report us.

Disclaimer: This is not a medicine nor a medical equipment. This is based on age tested vadic knowledge and aromatherapy. We don't claim any cure. It is not a substitute of medical diagnosis and treatment.

सावधानी: यह प्रोडक्ट संवेदनशील एवं अति संवेदनशील त्वचा पर रियेक्शन कर सकता है। अत: प्रयोग पूर्व पैच टेस्ट कर लें। किसी प्रकार की प्रतिक्रिया होने पर इसका प्रयोग न करें और हमें अविलम्ब सूचित करें।

डिस्क्लेमर: यह मेडिसिन नहीं है, न ही मेडिकल इक्यूपमेंट है। यह वैदिक ज्ञान और एरोमाथेरेपी पर आधारित निरापद, अहिंसक पद्धति से निर्मित है। हम रोग ठीक करने का दावा नहीं करते। यह चिकित्सकीय निदान एवं उपचार का विकल्प नहीं है।

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