DLS Students Current: Inhaler For Quality Sleep

Students Current: Inhaler For Quality Sleep

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As per U.S. National Sleep Foundation, poor sleep in school age children could lead to mind swings, behavioral problems like ADHD and cognitive problems. These problems can impact a child's ability to learn in a school.
With numerous extracurricular activities, homework, and digital stimulation getting your children a good night’s sleep has never been more of a challenge.
DLS Biocuticals has come out with a easy and harmless solution for students sleep disorder.

Inhaler for Quality Sleep is a 100% chemical free inhaler crafted for students sleep problems.
Inhaler for Quality Sleep is enriched with goodness and healing power of proprietary blend of plant based pure volatile oils. It promotes quality sleep, facilitate you to say good morning.  It has a calming and relaxing effect that will help your kids fall asleep faster.

Instruction to use: Unscrew the cap, bring inhaler close to nose, Inhale with Deep Breath through a nostril while holding other nostril closed. Repeat same process in other nostril.

Students Current: Inhaler for Quality Sleep, save your carbon foot print and it make this planet safe for next generations and it saves you and your family from the side effects of chemical based medicines. As we know synthetic medicines are responsible for cancer which is spreading at the alarming rate.

डीएलएस स्टूडेण्ट करेंट: इनहेलर फार क्वालिटी स्लीप आपके कार्बन फुट प्रिंट को बचाता है और यह इस ग्रह को अगली पीढ़ियों के लिए सुरक्षित बनाता है और यह आपको और आपके परिवार को कैंसर जैसी बीमारी एवं रासायनिक दवाओं के दुष्प्रभावों से बचाता है जो खतरनाक दर से फैल रहा है।

Disclaimer: This is not a medicine nor a medical equipment. This is based on age tested vadic knowledge and aromatherapy. We don't claim any cure. It is not a substitute of medical diagnosis and treatment.

डिस्क्लेमर: यह मेडिसिन नहीं है, न ही मेडिकल इक्यूपमेंट है। यह वैदिक ज्ञान और एरोमाथेरेपी पर आधारित निरापद, अहिंसक पद्धति से निर्मित है। हम रोग ठीक करने का दावा नहीं करते। यह चिकित्सकीय निदान एवं उपचार का विकल्प नहीं है।

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