DLS Neemwood Comb & Vegan Hair Oil Combo - 100ML+7.5 Inch Handle


Neemwood Comb & Vegan Hair Oil Combo

₹ 320

₹ 390


Minimum Order Quantity is 1 pcs

DLS Biocuticals presents a result oriented combo of DLS Vegan Hair Oil and Neem Wood Comb. As it is known that DLS Vegan Hair Oil is a 100% chemical free natural product which gives you all qualities in one hair oil. Hair Oil carries comb cap by which oil can be applied in roots of hair. It gives you relief in headache, like cool cool oils. It gives you relief in pre mature graying. It stops hair fall. It gives you relief in alopecia. It can regenerate hairs.

For optimum result stop using plastic combs. Start using neem wood comb. The comb offered with this combo is handcrafted ecofriendly product, having proven medicinal property, that prevents fungal growth and can reduce dandruff. This comb has rounded tips designed to give your scalp a gentle massage, aiding in normalising oil production and stimulating hair growth. Unlike plastic comb, using this neem comb does not cause frizz or brackage from static charge. It prevents growth of fungi and microbes. This been comb makes your hair shiny and silky.

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