DLS BALDO:100% Chemical Free Anti Baldness Hair Serum - 50ML

BALDO:100% Chemical Free Anti Baldness Hair Serum

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As per latest data available over 150 million Indians in their early 20s suffer from hair fall, balding and greying. This translated to 9/10 Indians facing genetic hair fall at least once in their lifetime due to underlying health conditions.

DLS Baldo is a 100% chemical free hair growth cum hair activator serum for Baldness and hair regrowth.

Androgenetic hair loss is the most common hair loss in both men and women. Left untreated, it can cause permanent, irreversible baldness.

5-alpha-reductase is the enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Both in men and women, it is estimated that up to 10% of testosterone in the body get converted to dihydrotestosterone.

In some individuals, dihydrotestosterone gradually reduces the blood flow to hair follicles. This process often takes place over several years until some of the hair follicles could no longer grow hair.

DLS Baldo inhibits the activity of 5-alpha-reductase by up to 94%

DLS Baldo reduces the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Lower levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in hair follicles helps prevent androgenetic hair loss.

DLS Baldo reduce hair loss and promote hair growth better than the conventional medicines like minoxidil and finasteride. Its ingredients contain phytochemicals that also help improve the overall health condition and save you from side effects of synthetic serum available in the market. It may take longer to see the initial results, but with regular daily use, the long-term result's may be better.

Be consistent and persistent. On average, hair grows about half an inch per month. Hair follicles rest for about 100 days after hair fall before they start growing new hair, therefore, it is highly recommend to use daily and continuously for at least 6 months.

Instruction for use: Gently massage in to the scalp. Let it completely absorbed by the scalp. Use it every morning and evening(at night)

•For optimum result stop using plastic combs. Start using neem wood comb.

•For optimum result stop consuming gluten diet. Stop white sugar, white salt, white rice, Refined cooking oil.

•Take sun bath for minimum 10-30 mts.

•Reduce your weight. • DLS BellyGo Inhaler is highly recommended for weight loss and belly size reduction.

•Ensure minimum 8 hour sound sleep. •DLS PaulVeda Inhaler and Foot Applicator Roll on is highly recommended for sound sleep.

•Follow moderate yoga and excercise regime.

Caution: It may react to sensitive or very sensitive skin, so carry patch test, before use.

If any kind of reaction takes place during patch test, don't use it and report us.

Disclaimer: This is not a medicine nor a medical equipment. This is based on age tested vadic knowledge and aromatherapy. We don't claim any cure. It is not a substitute of medical diagnosis and treatment.

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