DLS 24K Gold Face Serum - 10ML
  • DLS 24K Gold Face Serum - 10ML
  • DLS 24K Gold Face Serum - 10ML
  • DLS 24K Gold Face Serum - 10ML
  • DLS 24K Gold Face Serum - 10ML
  • DLS 24K Gold Face Serum - 10ML

24K Gold Face Serum

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Turn your skincare Golden! DLS Biocuticals crafted specially 24 carat gold serum for you. The serum has been infused with real 24K Gold to pump your skincare to another level. The gold particle seep into your skin easily to prevent collagen depletion, and encourage skin regeneration and cell renewal. The serum reduces fine lines, blemishes and wrinkles. It makes your skin smooth and gives it a natural luster.

The powerful antioxidants in DLS 24K Gold Face Serum help strengthen your skin naturally and prevent your skin from being damaged by unwanted particles. It nourishes the skin and makes healthy skin look radiant. This serum is light, non-sticky, and easily absorbed into the skin. Regular use of this serum helps boost collagen production so you can enjoy healthy, glowing skin every day.

Modern medical experts point out that, gold contact to the skin will release negative ions, positive ions and human interaction, too. It also Promote blood flow between ions in the organization, producing new energy, so as to improve blood circulation, accelerate skin. It offers some sun protection and hold water in the outer skin layer. Emollients fill in tiny crevices between surfaces to keep skin smooth, while humectants draw water to the outer most layer of your skin for a dewy glow.

Anti-inflammatory properties of gold, Making it an ideal healing treatment for those with acne, hyperpigmentation, sun-damaged, or sensitive skin. And helps to re-texture and repair skin damage, revealing a renewed glowing complexion.

DLS 24K Gold Face Serum is completely sulfate free, paraben free, ph balanced, with no toxic fragrances, and no harmful chemicals. This serum is not tested on animals and is 100% handmade. This anti-aging serum is enriched with goodness and healing power of 24 carat pure gold and expensive essential oil proprietary blend.

The 24k gold particles in this face serum instantly add a healthy glow to your skin, making it a must-have face serum for women. Skin looks radiant and healthy. This face serum reduces dark spots over time for a radiant complexion.

It saturates for instant radiance and gives skin a lifting effect. Deep care prevents signs of aging and effectively fights sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles over time.

It penetrates skin tissue and stimulates collagen production, making it a great serum for women seeking anti-aging care. It also smoothes wrinkles and firms the skin, reducing the appearance of enlarged pores.

How to use: Take 3-4 drops and massage over face after proper cleansing. Apply in the morning and evening(at bed time)

Remember it that DLS 24K Face Serum will not give you instant result, but it will work in phased manner. It may give you result right from very first week but may take 6 to 9 months.

It is essential to take complete and deep sleep to find out beauty and glow. In any case you have problem in sleep, use PaulVeda inhaler and PaulVeda foot applicator roll on specially crafted for Insomnia.

Caution: It may react to sensitive or very sensitive skin, so carry patch test, before use.

If any kind of reaction takes place during patch test, don't use it and report us.

Disclaimer: This is not a medicine nor a medical equipment. This is based on age tested vadic knowledge and aromatherapy. We don't claim any cure. It is not a substitute of medical diagnosis and treatment.

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